Color continues to be a key influencer of floral trends for Spring 2018, as seen in fashion, beauty and home décor. Whether you are decorating your home or office, or planning a wedding or party, we will have something to get you inspired. Here’s our round-up of designer pick for Spring 2018.


Calm and feminine, the bubblegum shade can be used in any space where you want to have a joyful vibe, like a bedroom or living room. A centerpiece of hydrangeas in shades of pink is a natural mood creator at the dining room table set with your favourite glassware. Looking for something timeless and charming for your special day? Pink bouquet with calla lilies, garden roses, ranunculuses and dusty miller is the perfect choice. Peonies have earned their spot as one of the most coveted blossoms for weddings, and probably the most selected colour is pink!


Baby Blue

Pale blue is a charming shade that is light as air and clear as sky. It is a calm color that emphasizes youth, peace, and tender adoration, making it an excellent spring color for any event. The pale blue hues of a hydrangea can calm the soul and will make everything lovely and sweet on a wedding or baby shower. Tweedia produces beautiful sky blue blooms and the unique fragrant five-petal flowers will compliment any bouquet.



Soft, warm and gentle, peach is a neutral tone that pairs with other bold shades or pastel hues effortlessly. From light pale peach colors to darker hints of apricot, the coral shade can be easily mixed and matched. Orange is the color of happiness in the tulip world which communicates fascination, energy, enthusiasm and desire. Looking for something classy and elegant for the upcoming Mother’s Day? Try classic peach carnation and you’ll find the best gift for mum.



Purple is the color that represents luxury, royalty and spirituality. Whether it is the magical Ultra Violet, a purple and white two toned sweet pea or a lovely pink lavender, purple always fascinates and intrigues. Fall planted, spring blooming, tulips are one of the most popular bulbs in the spring season, and will surely bring Spring sunshine into your home.


Sunshine Yellow

If you are looking for a pop of color, try yellow in your home. The bold and lively yellow highlights the Spring this season, glistening with joy and illuminating any space around us. A common expression for cheerful thought, a bouquet of freshly cut bright yellow tulip is a perfect gift for any occasion, while yellow calla lilies are often associated with gratitude and is a lovely gift to show appreciation.


Pearly White

White represents the classic mainstay for this Spring season. It captures lights and illuminates any space and is a positive colour associated with beginnings. White O’Hara, a delicate, highly fragrant garden rose that communicates unparalleled beauty, is every bride’s favourite choice on her special day. You may also choose to add a touch of refreshing white sweet pea for the feeling of blissful pleasure.



Green is a fresh and natural color that sends the message of renewal and optimism. There is nothing more exciting than seeing the emerging foliage in spring. Viburnums bloom in a vivid lime green color in the season. Sage green eucalyptus looks beautifully fresh, and their aesthetically pleasing leaves and distinctive scent bring a touch of nature. The ever popular succulents plants offer the best low maintenance option for adding greenery indoors. Simply let your creative mind take over with some DIY succulent planter ideas for your home or office.