About 400,000 flowers were in full bloom at the Hong Kong Flower Show 2018, including dahlias, tulips, foxgloves, orchids, roses, pansies, carnations, and lilies among other flowers. Have you ever wondered the meaning behind all those beautiful bloom? Let’s delve deeper and read the special meaning into some of the popular flowers.


The theme flower of this year, dahlia takes center stage at the flower show and wins in over other flowers when it comes to spring. Originally found in the mountainous area in Mexico, Central America and Columbia, the dahlia flowers express sentiments of dignity and elegance, celebrating what makes you different. Red dahlia is a symbol of strength and power. Purple and pink dahlia represent grace and kindness. Green and blue dahlia signify big changes and fresh starts. The beautiful flamboyant flower is used in unique wedding bouquets to celebrate marriage as a symbol of commitment and a lasting bond.



The colorful tulip is a worthy season opener at Keukenhof Garden in Netherlands, so as here at Victoria Park in Hong Kong. The Flower Show boasts 14,000 blooming tulip bulbs arranged in the shape of petals. They come in a variety of colors and for the most part, they’re a symbol of a declaration of love. Red tulip symbolizes love and romance, while orange symbolizes fascination. The meaning of yellow tulips has evolved from hopeless love to a more positive thought of brightness and sunshine. Pink tulip represents good wishes. Variegated tulips–one of the most popular, due to their striking color patterns–represent beautiful eyes.



Along with the exquisite blossoms of dahlias and tulips, you will also find one of the fragrant bloom in spring – lily. Lily reminds us that renewal is just around the corner, and it is the most important flower symbols to Christianity. As the Bible suggests, it’s a symbol of Virgin Mary’s purity. Orange lily symbolizes passion. Yellow lily symbolizes cheerfulness. You would easily feel the joy being immersed in the world of lilies. The white lily is a flower familiar to most, both because of its beauty and rich symbolic meaning in various cultures. In Greek mythology, lily stands for motherhood and rebirth because the flower is formed and created from the milk of Hera, wife of Zeus, the god of sky. Lily is believed to be the best flower for wedding in Chinese culture as it represents 100 years of love!