About Us

h.f.flora collects seasonal exceptional flowers and plants worldwide, and together with our exquisite floral artistry, to provide blooming ideas that make your life and space filled with joy and comfort.

about h.f.flora

A story about h.f.flora

If you walk on the street in hong kong, you will find a lot of shops called Hing Fat. "Hing" in Cantonese is prosperous and happiness; and for “fat”, it is not the fat you are reckoning of, it means to supply again, this is where h.f.flora initials come from, our mother company Hing Fat Flowers Group.

h.f.floraEvolved from the earlier hingfatflora.com, h.f.flora is a new brand aims to provide exquisite and unique floral service, for the home or gifts. use beautiful blooms to lift the mood of any space and on any occasion. and dedicated to bring joy, beauty, and creativity to everyday lives.

h.f.flora……where happiness and flowers unite.