Change or cancellation

Order cancellation
Order cancellation must be made by writing to us at at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled delivery. please state the order number, the to-be-canceled products, and the scheduled delivery date in your cancellation request. a refund fee of 5% of your total purchase amount will be charged* and the relevant amount will be refunded via the same payment method used to make the purchase in 14 working days. cancellation is not allowed during peak seasons, including but not limited to the Chinese new year, valentine’s day, mother’s day, and Christmas.

*Full refund will be arranged if the order is canceled due to out-of-stock. all refunds would be made by a credit note which can be redeemable during the next purchase at

Product dissatisfaction
If there is any complaint regarding the quality of the product being delivered, please contact our customer service within 24 hours of the goods' arrival by phone 2397-8878 or by email for us to consider any type of product replacement or refund*, please take note of the following:

Message card content amendment
We provide only a standard message card text format. there will be a hk$50 charge for any amendment or format modification each time, and the relevant file in a specific format will be provided by the customer.

In all the matters concerning cancellation and refund, the final decision rest on limited. if you have any questions or comments about our cancellation and refund policy, please email us at